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I downloaded the Edublogs app just last week and tonight I will have a short write up about it.

The app is free, which is always convienient. Set up took me nearly an hour as the app crashed on me numerous times (this could have been due to the terrible internet service I was receiving in the law building at Deakin)

When the app finally registered my blog and I was logged in; I went to write a post until a messaged popped up informing me that to write a blog through the app I needed the upgraded version of EduBlogs to post via the app. This put the free app idea out the window since I do not have the upgraded version. My theory is always why buy something when you can purchase it for free.

With this in mind, the EduBlogs app would not help students using tablets, smartphones and iPods as I’d believe that students would be using the free edition of EduBlogs if being used in the classroom.

If anyone is still interested in the app, click on the picture above and it will link you to the Apple app site.

The link is also here —-> EduBlogs

For those Android users out there, unfortunately there is no Android app as of yet but I did read that they are planning on creating it soon. The link to the post is as follows —-> AppleAppReleased

Very disappointed in the outcome.



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agreed more and more edublogs is not sounding so crash hot. It is pretty dumb to not allow editing. I would even pay for the app too.

PS check me out at

   Ethan on 08.02.12 @ 3:40 pm    Reply

I think its just disappointing that a lot of people obviously will use the free edition to this site and to have an app for it but only open to upgraded members really puts me off the idea of the site all together. Even just charging $0.99 for the app instead would make them plenty of money since its not a large ask.

   heidz818 on 08.03.12 @ 1:30 pm    Reply

Hey guys

That’s strange because I’ve been using the Edublogs iPad app for the past 2 weeks or so and it allows me to write and edit posts and reply and moderate comments. And I’m 99% sure it was free. See my blog post on the subject:


   rachelberka on 08.05.12 @ 5:50 am    Reply

    I might have to re-download it and try again, thanks for letting me know 🙂 I know that the app was definitely free but it was asking me to upgrade my blog to access writting a post

       heidz818 on 08.06.12 @ 11:33 pm    Reply

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